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Seminar: Future of Schooling @ Nackey Loeb School of Communications 

In this workshop, we will discuss the future of schools – what school board members need to know about the changes (technological, demographic, economic, and political) that they will be facing, and ways to view potential problems as opportunities. Videos are available for each speaker: Ian Underwood (part 1) and Commissioner Frank Edelblut (part 2).

Education’s Staffing Surge

EdChoice's “Back to the Staffing Surge” podcast measures US public school employment growth versus student growth as well as teacher salary fluctuations and student outcomes over the past 65 years using publicly available data that state departments of education...

3 Bills Dubbed ‘Horrendous’

Three bills coming before the House this week aim to give the public more information about their government by eliminating some exemptions in the right-to-know law. The supporters of these bills say they are furthering the purpose and intent of the right-to-know law,...

1st Amendment Questions

Donna Green, president of the School District Governance Association of NH, said she’s seen multiple instances of school boards writing unconstitutional ethics policies, including provisions that members cannot speak negatively against board actions – even if they...

Edelblut Speaks to SDGANH

Edelblut and his message were right on target. Given that the School District Governance Association of New Hampshire is an association of current and past school district elected officials dedicated to mutual support and information sharing with the mission of...


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